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Class 5-Social Studies

Q. Which of these cities, located in one of India's neighbouring countries, can be reached only by a plane or ship from India?
A. Kathmandu B. Lahore
C. Colombo D. Dhaka
Q. In order to become a Member Of Parliament ( MP), a person has to be  
1. above the age of 25 and   
2. an Indian citizen  
Among the 4 people given in the list alongside, who can contest an election and become a MP?  
A. only Nishchal, Uma and Geet   B. only Bobby, Uma and Geet 
C. only Uma and Geet  D. All 4 of them. 
Q. In which Indian city would you see this heritage monument?
A. Agra B. Aurangabad
C. New Delhi D. Hyderabad
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