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Class 7 -Science

Q. An inventor claims that he has developed a fuel that is non-polluting and can be used as a petrol alternative. Which of these factors is NOT likely to influence its acceptance?
A. Its performance in independent verification tests.  
B. The extent of change needed in existing car engines.  
C. The cost of the new fuel in comparison to the cost of petrol.  
D. Knowledge of the actual constituents of the new fuel.  
 Q. It is known that light is not required for moist pea seeds to germinate. However, dry seeds will not germinate even if there is light. Lata sets up 4 experiments using similar pea seeds: 
1. Dry pea seeds kept in light.  
2. Dry pea seeds kept in the dark
3. Moist pea seeds kept in light
4. Moist pea seeds kept in the dark
In which case(s) will the seeds germinate?
A. 1 only  B. 3 only
C. 3 and 4 only  D. 1 and 3 only
Q. Use the following information to answer the question:
Certain types of mushroom grow on doors which are wet after the rains. These mushrooms can be classified as
A. autotrophs B. heterotrophs
C. saprophytes D. parasites
Q. In which part of the digestive system does a piece of bread which is eaten get completely broken down into simple sugars?
A. Stomach B. Liver
C. Large intestines D. Small intestines
Q. How can we find the age of a tree after it is cut?  
A. By the size of its trunk B. By the colour of its bark
C. By the rings in its trunk D. By the number of branches
Q. Among these species, which one appeared most recently on the earth? 
A. Fish  B. Reptiles 
C. Man  D. Birds 


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