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Class 5-Science

Q. One method of preserving food items is by pickling them. Which of these is another method?
A. steaming and frying B. baking and roasting
C. roasting and frying D. drying and salting
Q. At which of these times would a plant be making its own food?
A. 9:00 AM B. 3:00 AM
C. 8:00 PM D. At all times of the day and night.
Q. Indu weighed a brinjal and a tomato. She then baked them in a hot oven for about 15 minutes, and weighed them again after that.  
 How would their weight have changed, and why? 
A. INCREASED, because they absorb heat during baking  B. INCREASED, because they absorb water from the oven. 
C. DECREASED, because they lose water during baking.  D. DECREASED, because a part of them burnt. 
Q. Four friends look at the figures of 3 different kinds of leaves as shown in the figure and discuss which among the leaves is bigger.  
Ashok: Leaf 1 is bigger because it is longer
Maya: Leaf 2 is bigger because it has more area
Nandini: Leaf 3 is bigger because it is broader
Chhaya: I cannot say until you specify what you mean by bigger
A. Ashok is right. B. Maya is right.
C. Nandini is right. D. Chhaya is right.
Q. Ramu buried the following in a corner of his garden to dispose them off:
If the corner is dug up 5 years later, which of these is most likely to have remained the same?
A. the broken egg shell B. dry leaves
C. plastic carry bags D. fruit and vegetable peels
Q. One evening in Kajol's house there was no electricity supply for 2 hours. Which of these things would have still worked?
A. Door bell B. Gas stove
C. Air conditioner D. Television
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