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Class 9 -Maths

Q: Increasing a number by 100% is the same as
A. multiplying the number by itself. B. multiplying the number by 2.
C. adding 2 to the number. D. adding 100 to the number.
Q. In an inter-school tennis championship held in a state, Santa Public School played 2/3rd of the total number of matches played. In the matches the school played, the ratio of the number of matches it won to the number of matches it lost was 2:1. 
If the school lost 6 of the matches it played, the total number of matches played in the championship was
A. 9. B. 12.
C. 18. D. 27.
Q. Two squares of area 64 cm2 and 36 cm2 are cut off from a larger square sheet as shown below:
What is the PERIMETER of the remaining part of the sheet?
A. 32cm B. 42cm
C. 44cm D. 96cm
The area of the square (shaded part) shown is 2 sq. units. What would be the approximate area of the rectangle?  
A. 42 sq. units B. 20 sq. units
C. 10 sq. units D. 7 sq. units
Q. In rectangle PQRS, ∠SPT is 30o and ∠TUQ is 130o.  
What is the measure of ∠PTU?
A. 130o B. 100o
C. 70o D. 20o
Q. What will be the area of the circle shown if the area of the shaded part is 5 sq. cm?  
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
Q. (1/4)-3 =   
A. -64 B. -1/64
C. 1/64 D. 64
Q. The smallest integer value of 'x' satisfying the inequality 3x + 10 > 13 is
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 13
Q. Which division will leave a remainder 2? 
A. 345 ÷ 3     B. 536 ÷ 4 
C. 587 ÷ 5   D. 711 ÷ 9 


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