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Class 8 -Science


Q. There are 8 balls M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T. 7 of them are identical, the 8th is either heavier or lighter.Only an accurate beam balance with 2 pans is available.

The result of 3 weighings is as shown:


Which is the odd ball, and is it heavier or lighter?

A. Q, heavier B. M, lighter
C. O, lighter D. It is not possible to tell for sure
Q. Atul is waiting on the 5th floor of a building and has to go to the 9th floor. He sees 4 lifts with instructions as shown in the figure. Which lift should he call for?
A. Lift 1 B. Lift 2
C. Lift 3 D. Lift 4
Q. In the solar panel shown here, one form of energy is converted into another.An example of a device in which the energy conversion is OPPOSITE to that of the solar panel is 
A. a candle. B. a radio.
C. a tube light. D. a steam engine.
Q. Which of the following joints would allow rotational motion about MORE THAN one axis?  
A.    B. 
C.   D.  
Q. Which of these organs is NOT a part of our digestive system?  
A. endocrine glands  B. salivary glands 
C. oesophagus  D. liver 
Q. Fe(OH)3 + H2SO4------------> Fe2(SO4)3 + H2O  
What is the valency of iron in the above reaction?  
A. B.
C. 4 D. 6
Q. Five friends, Lata, Mala, Shaila, Rohit and Ali each tried out two of the five different brands of batteries to check which brand lasted the longest. The data collected is shown below.
If they had to choose the brand with the longest expected life based on the above experiments, they should choose
A. Brand P B. Brand Q
C. Brand R D. Brand T
Q. Which of these is common to all insects?
A. 2 legs  B. 4 legs 
C. 6 legs  D. 8 legs 
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