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Class 9 -Science

Q: Which of these fuels will cause the least amount of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) pollution when burned?

A. Cow dung

B. Coal
C. Wood  D. Natural gas 
Q. A coil is wrapped loosely around a cylindrical wooden piece and its ends are connected to a battery as shown. In which case will the compass needle placed near the coil deflect when the circuit is closed?
A. Only if the cylindrical wooden piece is replaced by an iron piece 
B. Only if the cylindrical wooden piece is replaced by a magnet. 
C. Only if the cylindrical wooden piece is replaced by a magnet which is moved in and out of the coil. 
D. (The needle will deflect even with the wooden piece alone.) 
Q. Which switches must be closed for the bulb to light up?
A. (P or (Q and R)) and S B. (P or S) and (Q or R)
C. (P and (Q or R)) or S D. (P and Q) or (P and S)
Q. If a lighted splint is put into a small sample of a gas and a 'pop' sound is heard, the gas is identified as hydrogen. What is the 'pop' sound due to?
A. formation of hydrogen molecule B. formation of oxygen molecule
C. combustion of hydrogen D. combustion of oxygen
Q. Compared to a chlorine atom, Cl, a chlorine ion Cl-, will have _______  
A. one proton less B. one neutron more
C. one electron more D. one neutron less and one proton less
Q. A study of food webs in our environment leads us to the conclusion that:
A. Vegetarianism is preferable to non-vegetarianism. B. The source of all energy in all food webs is plants.
C. Living things are part of a complex interdependent chain. D. Man is the only creature who kills for pleasure.
Q. In cold countries, when snow covers and blocks roads and railway tracks, salt is often put on it. Using that fact, identify the correct graph of ice melting when salt has been put on it:  
Q. Ethane is an organic compound having the chemical formula C2 H6. Which of the following is the correct representation of the ethane molecule?  
A.    B. 
C.   D.  
Q. When a substance changes from LIQUID to GASEOUS state, it is said to EVAPORATE. Some substances change from SOLID to GASEOUS state without passing through the LIQUID state. They are then said to 
A. evaporate B. condense 
C. diffuse  D. sublime 


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