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Class 6-Science

Rani wants to find out whether the temperature of water makes any difference to the rate at which salt dissolves. She has planned 6 set ups P, Q, R, S, T and U. 
Which TWO set ups above should she use? 
A. P and R B. Q and S
C. P and T D. S and U
Which of the above are ANIMALS?
A. only the tiger B. the tiger and pigeon
C. the tiger, grasshopper and pigeon D. all five of them
Q. See the water-cycle shown alongside. What is the difference between the water vapour that evaporates from rivers (P) and the water that evaporates from the sea (Q)?
A. A B. B
C. C D. D
Q. When filtered through a funnel into a flask, a mixture of substances X, Y and Z get separated as below:

- X stays in the filter
-Y and Z filter through and collect in the flask 

What could X, Y and Z be?
A. A B. B
C. C D. D
Q. Suresh is growing two plants, placed as shown here in two identical cardboard boxes.   
What is he probably trying to test?  
A. Is plant growth affected by the direction of light? B. How much light do plants need in order to grow?
C. Is plant growth affected by gravity?  D. Do plants grow better in a garden or in a container? 
Q. The moon revolves around the Earth. This causes
A. day and night to be formed B. the moon to appear bright throughout the night
C. seasons to occur on the Earth D. the moon's visible shape to change during the month
Q. Our bodies need iron to create haemoglobin. They get this iron from a variety of food items. Certain foods increase the absorption of iron, while others inhibit the absorption of iron as shown here:   
Q. Which of the following food items is a good source of protein but an iron absorption inhibitor?  
A. Coffee B. Broccoli
C. Leafy vegetables D. Soy products


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