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Class 8 -Maths

Q: What is the discount percent on the T-shirt?

A. 16.7% B. 20%
C. 22.5% D. 50%
Q: Which of these is the same as the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of three numbers 5, 8725 and 9100?
(Note: You need not actually calculate the LCM.)
A. LCM of 5 and 8725 B. LCM of 5 and 9100
C. LCM of 8725 and 9100 D. (none of the above)
Q. Which of the following will give the same answer as 2456 x 392?
A. 245.6 x 39.2 B. 24560 x 3.92
C. 24.56 x 39200 D. 24560 x 3920
Q. By what number would you multiply 6.807 x 106 to get 6.807 x 1010?
A. 4 B. 1000
C. 4000 D. 10000
Q. The digits 1 to 8 appear once each in Razaq's 8-digit phone number. The sum of the first three digits is the same as that of the last 3 digits. All the even digits in the number come together. The largest total of two consecutive digits in the number is 13.   
Which of the following is Razaq's phone number? 
A. 37426851 B. 37642851 
C. 37462851 D. 37462581 
Q. In a survey, 300 students were asked to name their favourite chocolate bar. Their choices are represented as a circle graph below. 
(Note: The circle is divided into 20 equal divisions.)
If 45 students liked '7 star' the most, how many students liked 'Perky' the most?
A. 60 B. 55
C. 20 D. 15
Q. A commonly used type of paper is the A-series, with different codes like A1, A2, describing different standard sizes. The table below gives the size specifications of some A-series papers.
The length and width of all A-series papers are in proportion.  
Which of these could be the approximate breadth of an A4 size paper? 
A. 37 mm B. 74 mm
C. 148 mm D. 210 mm
Q. There are 48 students in Mrs. Mitra's computer class. At present, the ratio of the number of students to the number of computers in her class is 4 : 1. How many MORE computers does she need to buy to make this ratio 3 : 1?
A. 1 B. 3
C. 4 D. 6
Q. In the following figure, each of the four shaded rectangles has an area of 21 cm2 and a perimeter of 20 cm. What is the perimeter of the square formed in the middle?  
A. 12cm B. 16cm
C. 20cm D. 24cm
Q. -8 - (-4) ÷ (-2) is equal to  
A. -10  B. -6 
C. D.
Q. In a class of 25 students, each student is given three sticks, of lengths 3 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm. Each one is asked to make a triangle with the three sticks without bending or breaking them. 2 triangles are counted as 1 if they are congruent to each other.
How many different triangles will the teacher get?
A. 25

B. 2

C. D. (cannot be determined) 


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