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Class 8 -Social Studies

The figure on the left shows a part of the landscape of Churu district on the edge of Thar desert in Rajasthan. The figure on the right shows the cross-section and plan of one of the structures. What could the structure be? 
A. a defence bunker B. a tribal dwelling 
C. a water-harvesting structure D. an ancient burial site
This cartoon refers to the swine flu pandemic. The first outbreaks of swine flu were reported in Mexico and the U.S. What does this cartoon depict?
A. The overreaction of the media to the situation.
B. The action taken by the government to control it.
C. The speed with which it spread around the world. 
D. The role played by television in creating awareness. 
Q. Around 500 BC, Darius the Great, King of the Persians, came up with the first art political logo shown here, an image of himself carrying a bow that could be easily reproduced. This was so he could communicate with people across his vast empire and remind them of his power, without using words, using just a symbol instead. Which of the following images is NOT an example of a political logo?  
A.  B. 
C.  D. 
These are examples of images that reinforce (support) gender stereotyping because they __________________.  
A. point out inequalities between men and women B. assume what activities women are capable of doing
C. show that the roles women play are valued less by society D. show how different societies value men and women differently
Q. Shown below is part of a mountain range that starts near the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and runs approximately 1600 km through the states of Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, ending at Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. You would be able to see this view shown below if you were in Matheran, Maharashtra. Identify which one of the following it is likely to be.
A. Aravalli Range B. Sahyadri Mountains
C. Horsley Hills D. Karakoram Range
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