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Class 7-Social Studies

Q. A large Delhi company wants to establish an apple processing unit in a region where it is abundantly grown. Which of these regions is it likely to consider for the unit?
A. Malabar coast in Kerala B. Kulu valley in Himachal Pradesh
C. Brahmaputra basin in Assam D. Rann of Kutch in Gujarat
Q. The extract below is from a note on Indian plants written by the Roman historian Pliny in the 1st century AD.
The fig-tree of that country produces but a small fruit. It spreads out far and wide with its vast branches, the ends of which bend downward to the ground to such a degree that in the course of a year they take root again and young daughters grow around the mother-tree in a circle. Within that enclosure, which is overshadowed and protected by the *rampart of stems thrown out by the tree, shepherds find shade the summer.
*rampart – barrier
What is this tree that Pliny has described?
A. peepul B. bodhi
C. banyan D. ashoka
Q. Study the line running through the world map. Which of the following can the line POSSIBLY represent?  
A. the Tropic of Cancer

B. the Equator

C. the Greenwich Meridian  D. the Tropic of Capricorn 
Q. Which of the following images possibly shows a MAURYAN INSCRIPTION instructing officials who   
control 2 state granaries? 
Q. History has considered the invention of agriculture to be one of the greatest achievements of the human race. But it also gave rise to many problems. The invention of agriculture resulted in which of the following problems?  
A. Dependency on vegetables increased, which led to a decrease in the number of animals. B. Settlements formed, and led to ownership of land, which in turn led to many disputes.
C. It was not as efficient as hunting and gathering, as people got less food for more work. D. It did not feed as many people as hunting and gathering, which led to an increase in violence.
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