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Class 7-English

Q. Choose from the options an expression that BEST replaces the underlined word in the sentence given below?
*He is the kind of person who can deliver a speech 'immediately'.*

A. ready to drop

B. at the drop of a hat
C. as a drop in the ocean D. to drop dead
Q. Choose the word with the correct spelling to complete the sentence below.  
 All the players taking part in a game can be called ______________. 
A. competiters  B. competetors 
C. competitors  D. compatitors 
Q. Which of these verbs is NOT normally followed by ''for''?
A. ask B. pay
C. wait D. bother
Q. Which of these words is an antonym for 'gingerly'?  
A. warily B. recklessly
C. badly D. cautiously
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Sep 02 2017
IInd Class Test - STD V TO STD VIII
IInd  Class Test Time Table of A.A.B.V.V. English Medium Declared on the school website.

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