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Class 6-English

Q. The market is open on all days, other than Sundays and holidays. Which of the words means ''other than''?
A. accept B. except
C. expect D. although
Q. Identify the statement which means exactly the SAME as the sentence given below?  
Mary said, ''Deepa, can I please borrow your chess board for a day?''  
A. Mary requested Deepa to borrow her chess board for a day.  B. Mary wondered if Deepa would borrow her chess board for a day. 
C. Mary asked Deepa if she could borrow her chess board for a day.  D. Mary told Deepa that she would borrow her chess board for a day. 
Q. Choose the part of the sentence which shows a MISTAKE.
A. The length of my nails B. were too long
C. to leave them D. untrimmed
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Sep 02 2017
IInd Class Test - STD V TO STD VIII
IInd  Class Test Time Table of A.A.B.V.V. English Medium Declared on the school website.

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