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Class 5-Maths


Q. A matchstick can measure each side of the given triangle exactly.

Which of these could be the length of the matchstick?
A. 3 cm B. 4 cm
C. 5 cm D. 6 cm
Q. 4 children calculated the perimeter of the square given below in 4 different ways.

Atik added the lengths of all four sides and got 16 cm
Bhavna used a formula 2 x (l + b), where l and b are both 4, and got 16 cm
Charles used another formula (l x b), where l and b are both 4, and got 16 cm2
Deepa multiplied the length of each side by 4 sides and got 16 cm. 

Who was wrong?  
A. Atik  B. Bhavna 
C. Charles  D. Deepa 
Q. What is the weight of the melon shown here?  
A. 2 kg  B. 1 kg 500 g 
C. 2 kg 500 g  D. 500 g 
Q. Sujay arranged the marbles that he had in the manner shown.
Which of the following division facts is best represented by this grouping of marbles?
(ALL the marbles must be considered)
A. 21÷ 5 gives quotient 4 and remainder 1 B. 21÷ 7 gives quotient 3
C. 20÷ 5 gives quotient 4 D. 5 ÷ 4 gives quotient 1 and remainder 1
Q. What is four thousand and two in numerals?  
A. 40002 B. 4200
C. 402 D. 4002
Q. If the string shown here is pulled straight, which one of the following will be the closest approximation of its length?  
A. 4 cm B. 5 cm
C. 7 cm D. 9 cm
Q. Which number is 100 more than 2346?
A. 2246 B. 2446
C. 2356 D. 3346


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