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Class 5-English

Q. I took a lot of time to ______ a clay model of a hand cart for the Social Studies project. But it took my naughty brother a few seconds to _______ it. I don't know what to do now.

Identify the option that BEST COMPLETES the sentence given above with a pair of OPPOSITES.
A. plan and close B. make and form
C. build and separate D. create and destroy
Q. Which sentence MEANS that the actors did NOTHING other than SPEAKING?
A. Only the actors spoke for 15 minutes on the stage. B. The actors spoke only for 15 minutes on the stage. 
C. The actors spoke for 15 minutes on the stage only. D. The actors only spoke for 15 minutes on the stage.
Q. Identify the sentence that answers the question given below.  
 "How long will it take to reach the airport from the hotel?" 
A. The airport is just 4 kms away from the hotel.  B. The hotel is closer to my house than the airport. 

C. It's about a 20-minute drive from the hotel to the airport. 

D. The airport is outside the city but the hotel is at its centre. 
Q. ____________________________, when Dhruv walked into my house.
Choose the option that can COMPLETE the sentence above CORRECTLY.
A. I am writing an application to the Principal now B. I wrote an application to the Principal yesterday
C. I write an application to the Principal this morning D. I was writing an application to the Principal last night
Q. Choose the word OPPOSITE in MEANING to the UNDERLINED WORD in this sentence.
"Hitler was a brave general and a cunning leader."
A. bold B. timid
C. gentle D. strong
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